Studs with shivaeye

Shiva eye earrings are diverse and can be both elegant and timeless, as well as trendy in tribal style. Our earrings with shivaeye bear pins made of 925 sterling silver, some of the tribal variants also made of skin-friendly surgical steel. Thus, the Shiva eye plugs are also suitable for sensitive skin types. As far as the style is concerned, we have classic plugs with round, oval or angular shiva eyes, but also variants with colorful resin edges that set beautiful contrasts. You can also set accents with borders made of coral or turquoise stone.
Silver ear stud with Shiva eye

Silver ear studs with Shiva eye are ideal for those who like to...

Tribal stud earrings with Shiva eye

Tribal earrings with Shiva eye are a nice way to connect shells...


The Shiva Eye Stud Earrings

Playful and lady-like are our flower earrings with Shiva eye, which are embellished with colorful enamel. The Tribal earrings with Shiva eyes are models with wood or the natural grained coconut wood as a border, which does not always have to be round, here are also flowers, stars and other shapes. Not quite Shiva eye, but similar, is the pink gyroscope. It fits so well with the Shivaauge that we have included this popular plug in the category. Our earrings with shivaeye are unisex wearable, which of course is subject of the motive, the ladies can of course wear all models. For the men we recommend the simple Tribal variants or for the silver ear plugs with Shiva eye the models with black Resin edge. Most of the tribal earrings with Shiva eye can also be found in the category coconut ear plugs, since most of the borders are made of the beautifully grained coconut wood. If you prefer to wear this beautiful combination rather than earrings, then look in the category of jewelery under jewelery, here you will find the coconut wood earrings with shivaeye. For those who like it smaller and more discreet, there are the earrings with Shivaauge.