Wooden bracelets and wooden bangles

Wooden bracelets and wooden bangles can be colorful or natural, our wooden bracelets and wooden bangles give you the freedom to choose. The wooden bracelet variants range from a detailed floral pattern, colorful spirals to multi-row bangles that nestle against the wrist thanks to jewelry wire. Or may it be a wooden bracelet made of small pieces with small pictures? With a rubber band they fit every arm. A thick bracelet with grained, dyed coconut wood tiles completes the selection. All wooden bracelets and wood maturity are adjustable in size. The jewelery pieces consist of a rubber band that adapts to the wrist size without being constricted or through the opening on the inside of the wrist. Still others consist of a jewelery wire on which small wooden beads are threaded, which also adapt to the size of the hinge.

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Fashion Jewelry Bracelets made of wood

The beads are colorful and colorful combined with natural wood beads. The wide wooden bracelets and wood maturity impress with their unique handpainted pattern. The designers gave their imagination free rein and created unique pieces of art. From beautiful flower patterns to the peace sign on small coconut wood tiles, here you can expect a great variety of unusual jewelry. We pay great attention to the ecological sustainability and use only approved woods. We attach great importance to effective and environmentally friendly use of these resources. You therefore need not worry about the origin of these products. To complete your outfit, take a look at the other categories such as wooden pendants or wooden rings. All products are super combinable and complete your look. Natural products in the form of wooden bracelets and wooden bangles.