fashionable fake piercings

Fashionable fake piercings create a deceptively real impression of being pierced. You have a passion for piercing jewelry and love the variety and colorful colors, but want to do without the stretching of the ear holes? No problem with our fashionable fake piercings made of stainless steel, rubber and acrylic, because they only require the small, normal Piercingohrloch, but act like real spirals and plugs.

Various Fake-Piercing variants

We offer different designs, Colors and sizes so that everyone should find the right one. Fashionable fake piercings are very popular, because of their 1 mm stainless steel hanger they fit through normal ear holes, there are both pure screw caps, as well as closures with balls. Some piercing ear studs carry a colorful neon motif on the front, such as a green gecko or a red skull, and end on the other side of the stainless steel rod with a small stainless steel ball, which is typical for piercings. For others, the front and back looks the same, this fits perfectly with our fake plugs, most of which are still surrounded by a rubber ring. Others wear a circle at the front and a triangle at the back or form a spiral from the front and the back together. Great variety of colors, materials and shapes can be found in fashionable fake piercings in our online shop. Whether stars, round plugs, peace signs, triangles, skulls or Gekko Animal Design motifs, here everything is represented. The plugs adorn the various patterns of chessboard on spiral to stars in various designs. The big fake spirals are available in plain black, as well as transparent purple or neon yellow or with a colorful flame pattern. If fashionable fake piercings are not enough natural, organic fake piercings will also find numerous variations made of wood, horn, bone or brass. If you prefer colorful, look in fashionable fake piercings.