fashionable navel piercings

Fashionable navel piercings include our navel piercing range of silicone, acrylic or bioflex with rods made of surgical stainless steel. Here you will find spherical fashionable navel piercings in bright colors and different designs, so the choice is very big. Piercing Jewelry for the navel is very popular in spring and summer and we offer the latest models.

Belly Button Banana piercings in bright colors and patterns

The design of our navel piercings is called banana piercing, which means there is a small and a larger ball, which are connected by a curved rod made of silver surgical steel. As far as the patterns are concerned, fashionable navel piercings are very diverse, as are the colors. The largest selection of our striped rainbow navel piercings, these are available from discreet in black and white, over gaudy in neon colors to the rainbow design. We also carry piercings with motifs such as little hearts cubes, skulls, stars, smilies, hearts and the popular zebra animal look. Most of the colors of the navel piercings are chosen so that strong contrasts arise, for example, black and red or black and white. But not only red, even gaudy pink is often combined with white or black. If you would prefer a more natural belly button piercings, you will find the category belly piercing under Organic Piercings. There are banana piercings with shiva eye, paua abalone, mother of pearl shell, wood, coral or turquoise stones. The natural materials also offer numerous design variations, but no print patterns are possible here and only the colors that are naturally occurring. Also, natural materials are more sensitive to water, so should be spared, as far as bathing and showering. A pleasantly smooth surface, great variety and bright colors, on the other hand, offer fashionable navel piercings.