fashionable plugs and tunnels

Fashionable plugs and tunnels do not always have to be made of wood, horn or bone, even skin-friendly acrylic and rubber offer many design options. Our fashionable plugs and tunnels are very detailed carved and varied designed and comfortable to wear. In order to make the plugs or tunnels easier to use, many wear a screw thread, which allows the front to be unscrewed so that the plug can be easily pushed through the stretched ear hole. Of course, we also offer different sizes.

Trendy tunnels and plugs

Fashionable plugs and tunnels are not just for rock, gothic or emo fans. In our assortment everyone finds the suitable motive. In contrast to the hand-painted organic plugs, fashionable plugs and tunnels can portray much more delicate motifs, such as clockwork, the universe, eyes, flowers or dreamcatchers with feathers. Hand-painted unique pieces like the Organic Piercings are special and beautiful, but fashionable plugs and tunnels offer other advantages: Firstly, they are much cheaper priced and on the other hand you can make sure that the subject looks exactly the same on both ears. Also, acrylic plugs are very light and therefore hardly noticeable when worn. Not only the smooth surface, but also the high skin compatibility makes acrylic a popular material for piercing jewelry. However, the material also has fine pores, in which sweat or dirt can accumulate, so it is important to clean them regularly to enjoy it for a long time. Acrylic is also fragile, if you drop it on the floor or exerts too much pressure, so you should handle the plugs so just as carefully as with wood plugs or horn tunnels, etc. Who loves the colorful motive variety, buy cheap in the shop fashionable plugs and tunnels.