gilded silver ear studs

Gold plated silver ear studs are a perfect alternative to gold jewelry. So who loves gold jewelry will find it here, we also offer gold-plated silver ear plugs in different variants. Whether as a silver ear stud spiral in the color gold or as a gilded silver ear stud with zirconia, gold plated, the silver ear studs are really beautiful. Also available as a heart or star. In any case, you are very modern and at the same time timelessly beautiful.

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Gold-plated jewelry

Gold is not only of noble appearance, but also one of the most corrosion-resistant metals. In its pure form, it is poorly suited for components and everyday objects because it is rare, expensive and has low strength. Thus, very early on a method was sought which could provide assistance. Covering readily available and everyday materials with a layer of gold has been valued since antiquity. Thus, gold-plated silver is a perfect alternative to expensive and rare gold jewelery. These gilded silver earrings attract all eyes and go perfectly with any outfit. These earrings can also be perfectly combined with other products of our Chic-net online shop. For example, take a look at the category of brass jewelry. Here you will find brass jewelry that fits perfectly to the antique design of the gold stud earrings. We offer a wide selection of brass jewelry such as brass rings, brass necklaces and pendants or brass bracelets. Another combination of stud earrings is also possible with our wood jewelry. Here you will also find rings, necklace or bracelets. Treat yourself to something special, namely gold-plated silver earrings!