glitter balls

Glitter balls are an umbrella term for spherical pieces of jewelery that are completely set with faceted glass-crystal pebbles. Glittering and sparkling has always fascinated people. To make jewelry sparkle, small, cut stones made of crystal glass and cubic zirconia are ideal. In this subcategory you will find special glitter ball jewelery, ie balls that are set with many faceted crystal glass elements and sparkle in bright colors. These are combined with 925 sterling silver. Our glitter balls are available as pendants, earrings and stud earrings in different sizes between 6 mm and 14 mm. These are usually monochrome, but there are also colorful balls with patterns.
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Glitter ball earring

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The colors are often based on gemstones, such as light siam or garnet red, amethyst or burgundy purple, emerald or peridot green, montana or safir blue, and many others. Also fashion colors like turquoise, pink or gold are represented. The glitter balls are also particularly beautiful as sets of earrings and pendants, these can be found under glitter jewelry sets. Here only the matching necklace is missing, depending on your personal taste, this can be a shiny silver necklace or a black rubber necklace, both of which are also in our assortment. Depending on the chosen size of the glitter balls, they can be discreetly worn as small, sparkling splashes of color or as flashy and sparkling for a party or a festive event. Glitter ball jewelery is suitable for every woman and every age, it remains beautiful through the processing with 925 sterling silver for a lifetime (if you polish the silver hangers now and then) and is therefore a perfect gift. Especially good is a set of glitter balls.