gold plated silver pendant

Gold-plated silver pendants are something extravagant for all customers who are in the mood for something special. The golden glowing pendants are made of 925 sterling silver and fit perfectly to the gold plated silver earrings. We offer a variety of shapes, textures and also the combination with zirconia. Whether you prefer sparkling, faceted stones, or a dull gold pendant, here everyone will find something to his liking. Our pendants are made of 925 sterling silver, but are covered with real gold. So that you stay beautiful for a long time, you should take it off while showering and bathing.

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Pendant made of silver and gold

Our combined variants are particularly chic: they combine golden and silver elements in a pendant, and often also contain a real gemstone. Gold-plated silver pendants are high-quality and well-made with us and ideally suited if you are looking for a valuable gift. Precious metals like gold and silver are timelessly fashionable, so you are perfectly right. Gold-plated silver pendants you can also find in the category of silver plated silver jewelry sets, here they are combined with matching earrings or earrings. Gilded silver pendants please you, but you need a matching necklace? No problem, among silver chains we show you our popular Italian snake chains, these can be wonderful to wear a pendant with silver and golden elements. A matching compilation is also a gold-plated silver pendant with a lapis lazuli stone, because this deep blue stone contains naturally small golden particles. The designs in this category range from playful to geometrically clear, even the sizes vary. If you still need a good gift idea: Ladies with a fashionable feel love gold-plated silver pendants.