pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry has fascinated people for centuries and enjoys great popularity. Since pearls can be bred or artificially imitated nowadays, they are available in many different colors and sizes, so there is something for every taste. In this category you will find pendants, rings and earrings with pearls. In our categories ear studs, bracelets, fashionable rings, 18 carat gold plated copper jewelery, fantasy in stone & pearls and chains in the range of fashion jewelery you will also find attractive jewelery with pearls. Through our enormous selection, you can combine to your heart's content and put together individual sets. Also our silk thread earrings and necklaces use partly pearls.
pearl pendant

Pearl pendants still captivate with their timeless elegance,...

Silver earrings with pearls

Silver earrings with pearls are the jewelry classic par...

Silver rings with cultured pearl

Silver rings with cultured pearl combine in two treasures. Silver...


Whether gold plated, made of 925 sterling silver or costume jewelery, pearl jewelery is very much in demand and a classic jewelery piece. If it is made of sterling silver, it remains timeless and shiny with a little polishing. Whether real or artificial pearls, with the pearl ear studs you will find both and this in different colors and shapes. It is also a mistake that pearl jewelry is only something for older ladies, even with young people, the pearls are absolutely trendy. Whether elegant as a small pearl ear plug or something unusual designs as in this category in the earrings, pendants and rings, with us everyone will find the suitable. Classically, the white pearls are round or slightly oval, the pearlescent shimmer. Pearl jewelry can be worn by any woman on any occasion, it always looks elegant and high quality, so the pearl necklace at the wedding for the bride is very popular. For those who do not have a gift idea for a special occasion, women are not mistaken for pearl jewelery.